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(Trainer: Stephen T.M. CHAN, Irlen® Diagnostician - HK,

The Irlen® Screener List is provided to help consumers find a Irlen®Method trained Therapist, Psychologists, or Educators in or near their community.

All listed have received a certificate of completion for the Irlen® Screener Certification Training provided by Stephen T.M. CHAN who is an Irlen® Diagnostician - HK.

#First NameLast Name中文名Country/ CityContact Method
1 Io Chan Choi 蔡曉真 Macau
2 I Man Chio 趙綺雯 Macau
3 Anabela Lei 李詩萍 Macau
4 I Teng Leong 梁綺婷 Macau
5 Veng Si Ng 吳穎思 Macau
6 Si Wai WU 胡詩慧 Macau
6 Si Wai WU 胡詩慧 Macau
7 Pui San Angela MAN 文佩珊 HK
8 Yuen Fun TANG 鄧婉芬 HK
9 Hei Yin WONG 王希研 HK
10 Emily Wing Sze CHOW 周穎詩 HK
11 Meng-Lin Claire ANG 黃美玲 Malaysia
12 Hau Yan Doris WONG 黃巧欣 HK
13 Lai King DAI 戴麗瓊 HK
14 Siao Yen, Eva WONG Malaysia
15 Ching Lam MAK 麥青林 HK
16 Nga I CHAN 陳雅儀 Macau
17 Kin Man YU 余健敏 HK
18 Man Yee, Mindy LAI 黎敏儀 HK
19 Wai Man LIU 廖慧敏 HK
20 Alexis Yuki YEE 余汝騏 HK
21 Pui Kei Raymie LEUNG 梁佩琪 HK
22 Sing Yeng TAN Malaysia
23 Yu Seng SONG Malaysia
24 Yat Chi Victor WONG HK
25 Hok Man WONG HK
26 Jennifer SYKES Indonesia
27 Qiuyan GU 顧秋燕 China
28 Salina LAI HK
29 Ya Wen CHENG Taiwan

*Please note that this list is not representing full list of all screeners in the above countries/ cities. Those who are not trained by Stephen Chan or not willing to be listed in the website are not shown. If you have enquiries on the Irlen Screener Qualification of certain person, please feel free to contact us or to verify.

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中文版 光敏感/艾蘭篩檢執行師證書課程

2018光敏感/艾蘭篩檢執行師認證課程 Irlen® Screener Certification Training

English Irlen Screener Certification Course:

Irlen® Screener Certification Training