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see url Registration form and Course Details [pdf]

source url Supplementary Documents About Application for Certificate in Ayres Sensory Integration Telegraphic Transfer Instruction for non-local (non- Hong Kong) participants Apps Fill in the forms with your mobile:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

FAQ 1. Format and arrangement of Online modules.

[Module 1, Module 2, Module 4, Module 5)
Is it recorded or live? Any time-zone issues? Can we do it bit by bit at our own pace? Can we view it for more time as a revision?


It is pre-recorded, NOT LIVE, so you can take the course :
1. anytime (no time-zone issues),
2. anywhere (any place with internet, any computer allow live streaming).It is broken down in sessions, you can do it at your own pace and also review as many time as needed.In conclusion: It is time-zone friendly, and learner can pace their own learning.

FAQ 2. About Assessmemt Module (M2 & M3).

a. Which assessment will be taught in the course?
b. Need to bring/have a SIPT kit?
c. Why it takes two modules (> 45hrs) for JUST assessment?


a. Both SIPT and EASI will be taught in the course.
SIPT is still the main assessment to be taught because EASI 's normative data is not yet ready, so Selected items from EASI will be taught as a standardized test for clinical observation to supplement the SIPT.

b. No, you do not need to have the SIPT kit, you ONLY need to have access to the scoring USB key and use it for two cases in order to complete the course. You can also purchase from us at a discounted price too.
The "MUST" do items do not need the kit. But it is recommended to complete all the 17 tests to have a full picture and also bringing your kit to the course (module 3) will let you have more chance to practice it.
Please refer to registration details at:

c. Accurate interpretation and clinical reasoning CANNOT happen when Assessment is NOT being administrated and scored Accurately.
In Module 2 (online), the assessment will be taught in details. In Module 3 (onsite), it is the time to learn the key point and practice with coaching from the instructor. You can review Module 2 again and again within a year to get familiar with the admin and scoring.

FAQ 3. About International recognition and Certificate Standard.


Is it a world recognized certificate course?
What is ICEASI?
How's the standard of the course?


Yes ! It is a certificate program with world recognized standard in Ayres Sensory Integration (R).

Why ?
1. Standard of the instructor, each of the modules is designed, led/presented by the leading expert in the field. For further information and CLASI and its team, please check here:

2. CLASI is one of the leading members in ICEASI, which stands for International Council for Education in Ayres Sensory Integration (ICEASI). ICEASI will oversee the development of the criteria and standards for defined pathways to competency in ASI and will work with member countries to develop the process for articulating and maintaining these standards.

3. Standard of the program
It contains all the elements and the hours that needed:

a. Theory and all its neuroscience as well as Ayres original work that behind the theory.

b. Comprehensive understanding of Assessment includes but not just about SIPT. As mention in last FAQ EASI is also included. EASI standardized the clinical observations we do, e.g., pursuit, supine flexion, prone extension, Schilder's Arm.... etc. And it includes information and coaching of more than 45 hours.

c. Clinical Reasoning of 24 - 30 hours that allow enough time for understanding the interpretation if SIPT graph together with clinical observations, case sharing, and submission from participants.

d. Participants will be Certified to use Fidelity Measure, and a Reliability score will be given according to their reliability on the measures. It equips them to be able to objectively discriminate SI intervention from non-SI intervention. It also equip them with the fundamental tools for implementing research on SI in the future.

e. Understanding Ayres Sensory Integration Intervention through LIVE demonstration, explanation and case discussion.

Totally it is more than 120 hours.


FAQ 4. About Requirements and Course work needed for applying Certificate in Ayres Sesnory Integration (CASI).

Question: What is the requirements and course work needed for applying CASI from CLASI after completing all 6 modules.

купить Анашу Нефтекамск Here below is two documents that shows the requirements, and the application for the CASI.

Supplementary Documents About Application for Certificate in Ayres Sensory Integration

Liqpay это Click here to Download the Registration form and Course Details

Обмен Qiwi RUB на Ethereum ETH Telegraphic Transfer Instruction for non-local (non- Hong Kong) participants

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