Demonstration of AerOpaint

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A tool for Fine Motor, Oral Motor, and Ocular Motor Training.

Fine Motor:
Enhances finger grip strength and thumb use for handwriting and manipulation of stationery.

Oral Motor:
Promotes lip closure as a preparation for feeding and articulation. Together with facial muscles, they provide stability for ocular motor mobility.

Ocular Motor:
Blowing activity facilitates binocular synchronization, which serves as the basis for reading and visual perception.

Authorized Distributors:

Mainland China : 愛瑪愛康復康技術有限公司

Macau :  語樂有限公司 (853-65960141)

Indonesia: Sensokids Indonesia (+628128192945,  email:

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Downloadable templates for AerOpaint Games:

  1. Football Field:



2.Penalty Kick


3. Z pathway



4. Scoring Zones


5. Ice Hockey Field


More is coming soon, Stay Tune !